“Feeling positive.” This was somebody’s status on Facebook when I logged on today. The fact that they had to write this says otherwise. I’m not moaning about this status, just observing the fact that so many people seem to have a closed mind about what they really think and feel.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while, with other commitments it’s been hard to find the right subject or time. Before, when I used this blog it was to express whatever I was feeling at the time. I still plan to do this but one important factor that must be stated is when a ‘negative’ thought and feeling comes into my mind, I tend to, shall we say, box it up.

The routine is the same when I want to box the feeling up. Go for an hour’s run and listen to Ed Sheeran. It’s my way of telling my brain to store everything up and throw it out. Down the line, it may not be healthy but it works for now.

Lots of things have changed. I’m going in just over 40 days. Exciting and nervous is the only way I can sum that up. Leaving work is another big step coming up. Humanity doesn’t like change, we’ve talked about that before. My mind is trying to do anything possible to stem this to the front but I’m not listening. I need to do this.

Of course, I’m going to miss a lot of people but I’m going to miss one person more than I thought I did. It’s strange, I know I can still talk to them online but knowing I’m so far away from them will be a distance on our friendship. I don’t worry about a lot of people but I do worry about them. To be honest though, after a few recent events, me leaving them alone might just be the best option.