I’m tired but it leads me to overthink and that’s dangerous.

I sent a drunk text to someone and I regret it blah blah blah. That’s not what I’m angry about. I’m angry that I didn’t even get a reply. I mean, I think I might deserve a little bit better than that. Everything I did to help and it’s like I’ve been thrown out with the rubbish. “You’re an old toy, I’ve found something better and new to play with”. It’s a cruel lesson in life.

I say a lot of things on my blog, stuff I’m thinking at the time. Most of the time I can’t even remember what I write.

You said you didn’t want me to leave and for us to have a problem with each other. The only problem is the way I’ve been treated, I don’t even know if I should allow myself to open up to you again. I don’t want you to pick me up like an old toy, use it for a while then throw it out again. Writing this has made me angry. I feel anger.