I haven’t wrote on here in a while because I’ve been beyond busy! I’ve not had a lot to write about either really. Everything seems to be going well. I’ve booked to go away which I’m a lot more excited about than I’m actually letting off. I leave in a couple of months and I’m sure it will hit harder the sooner my flights come around. I’ll be gone for at least 3 years. Just seeing the rest of the world is going to be so different to what I’m used to which is what I want.

I wasn’t going to tell the one person I wanted to but I did. I kept it brief as that’s what our friendship needs right now. I can’t really explain any of it at the moment because I’ve not thought about it. The one strange thing that has happened though is the one person that’s talking to me and I’m just confused as to why. We shouldn’t think about these things but I’m just letting it flow.

Bring on Hong Kong!