What brings me to do it?! Why do I do it? I just don’t understand myself. Keep a distance I told myself. All that’s happened in the end is that I feel alone and I’ve lost again. The one person I asked for advice for, I can’t anymore. That’s my fault, I go weird but why am I the one that has to always feel alone?

Why do I feel like there’s nobody that even cares or listens to what I have to say or feel. Maybe I’m just that broken that, going travelling on my own is the only thing. I’ve even changed who I am from that person, but I don’t feel like it’s got me anywhere. I’m a better person than I used to be but I’m still looking at my life wondering if anyone would notice if I left tomorrow.

I’m just having one of those nights where I feel lonely. It’ll pass. I suppose I just want a hug.