I went to write this blog last night but it just didn’t seem right. Trying to sleep on what had all happened seemed the best idea. Letting it all sink in. Even now I’m not really sure what to say.

The day started with confusion but ended with me knowing I have one of the most amazing friends I could ever ask for. I told them how I felt about them, by hinting, a lot. All I could think was once they knew, it was the end for us. That must be my glass half full side. I should have more faith in the world and what it brings because this isn’t what happened at all, it was the exact opposite.

Deep down, I knew what the outcome was always going to be but still, deep down I hoped I was wrong. Even when it was sinking in that the expected answer came about, I was upset but it would have been odd if I wasn’t. Knowing what the answer was going to be made the blow a lot softer, it could have been worse.

Looking back, I’m annoyed with everything but over time I’ll be grateful I didn’t lose one of the closet, most amazing people I have in my life.